You Will Always Work Directly with an Attorney


Estate Planning



If you don’t have a will, power of attorney and advanced directive for health care, laws and judges decide who gets your assets and custody of your children. You should hireĀ an estate planning attorney to do the following:


I will prepare a plan customized to your situation:

  • Your children will be cared for as YOU wish
  • Your children’s inheritance is protected
  • Assets are distributed fairly as YOU choose
  • Critical life decisions are YOURS
  • Long-term partners are protected
  • Things are easier for your family


There are non-probate transfers available under Missouri Law. These could allow your property to be transferred outside of probate. For example: beneficiary deeds to transfer real estate and title on death to transfer vehicles and ban accounts.

Stay up to date…a will should be reviewed every 5 years or after any major life change.

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